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4th International Conference on

Innovations in Information Technology


IEEE UAE Section                                IEEE Communication Socitey

November 18-20, 2007  

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Best Paper Award

The best paper award for Innovations'07 was given to the paper:


"Tool Support for Composition and Verification of Formal Behaviors" by Siamak Kolahi, Aziz Salah, Rabeb Mizouni, and Rachida Dssouli (Concordia University, Canada)



Cisco Research Excellence Award

Cisco Research Excellence Award for Innovations'07 was given to:

Dr. Walid Ibrahim from UAE University for his research achievements.



Distinguished Scholar Award

The Best Student Poster award for Innovations'07 was given to:

Dr. Thomas Andersson, President of Jönköping, Sweden for his research and development contributions. 

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