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Camera-ready Instructions (For Authors only):

    download Download Camera-Ready Template (Microsoft Doc format)

    download Download Camera-Ready Template (Latex format)

    download Download IEEE Copyright Form

Camera-ready Instructions:

1. Please update your manuscript taking into account the reviewers comments and ensure that the format conforms with the Camera Ready template. It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your manuscript once again prior to camera ready submission. Camera ready submissions should not exceed 5 pages in length.

2. Check the validity of your PDF manuscript as follows:

        2.1) go to IEEE PDF eXpressTM site.

        2.2) Click on the link "New Users - Click Here"

        2.3) Fill in your information, You need the Conference ID which is <innovations09x>.

        2.4) Follow the IEEE PDF eXpress site instruction to approve your manuscript.

3. Submit final manuscript to Innovations'09 EDAS submission site (, using your initial submission account. The deadline for camera ready submission is November 2nd, 2009. Click here for more details about this step.

4. Submit the copyright form through electronic submission using the EDAS site: Authors should now fill and submit copyright forms by going to "My Papers" tab, choosing the Innovations’09 where their paper is located, and clicking on the '(+)' icon under the row "Copyright Form", which will open the IEEE electronic copyright form site with a step by step questions to fill the form and submit it.

5. The form should reach to us by November 2nd, 2009. Without this form, IEEE will not publish your paper in IEEEXplore.


Conference Journals

Best papers of the Innovations Conference will be published in a special issue in the International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science.

International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science








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